Clear 2 sticking to platform

I’ve gone through 5-6 jugs of Clear 2 resin. Latest batch seems to viciously adhere to the platform. Brand platform, same thing. I’m having to go home and sand off the last little bits of resin.

Is there a resin that doesn’t stick as hard?

Is there a way to cover the build platform like we do on filament printers?

Polish it?

Because its sticking so hard, I’m beating the hell out of them to get the material off.

Thanks Mike

Are you using a Form 1+ or Form 2?
Are you sure you are using Clear V2 resin profile?
Worst case, use a hair dryer to heat the raft. The raft should soften and release instead of shattering.
I would also open a support ticket so FL can assist and track the issue.

You can adjust the Z-height of the build platform in the Fine Tuning function. Move the platform up 0.1mm and try again.

Randy’s suggestion to adjust the Z-height with Fine Tuning is especially important to consider if you recently changed to a new resin tank. Here’s more information about Fine Tuning on the Form 2 and on the Form 1+.

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