Not sure if everything is fine with my resin tank

Hi guys…
I have brought a new resin tank and use it with White v2
First try without Z fine tuning and nothing stick the platform, so try with -0.20 (lower), and only a couple of pieces stick the platform (the one at the end of platform).
So I try -0.3, with 0.3 the platform make a lot of resistance to let peel motor down. I have make a video to let you see what I’m saying.
Youtube link
With -0.3 just only one piece didn’t stick the platform, but I cancel the job because the platform tilt so much and I get a bit nervous.
Have I to try with -0,4? Isn’t so much? The tank is new, I think I have only make 5 prints with it.
Here is also a photo of what I’m printing.
Red square is what print at -0.2 and the blue one is the piece that didn’t adhere at -0.3

It’s the first time I have those kind of problems with a resin tank so that’s why I ask you.

No one can help me with this? I’m so newbie and don’t want to broke the printer or the resin tank

There could be a few different things going on here and our support team is going to be best suited to help out. You can get in touch with our team by submitting this form. It’s possible that the Z offset just needs to be lowered a bit more to further improve adherence. Things like tank clouding can also affect part adherence like you’re seeing.

Reset the platform to Factory.
Clean your build platform with IPA, dry
Brush the plate in 1 direction with a stiff stainless steel brush
Clean your build platform with IPA again, dry
Retry your print.

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If you don’t have a stainless brush, you can use ~ 80 - 120 grit sand paper. Just be sure to clean off the debris before you try to print again.

I try with another new resin tank and the same happens…at 0.00 nothing stick to platform.
Gonna try to reset platform and brush it…

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