Prints sticking to the silicon?

so my build platform is touching the the silicon or its just not bonding to the platform?

I switched resin tanks for clear and now thinking stick to the platform and it looks like the platform is starting in the silicon

This is getting old quick

Kevin, hi. I am also just getting started with my printer and sharing some of your experiences and frustration with failed prints. Definitely a more finicky beast than FFF/FDM machines. My battle is with crapy quality (bubbles, tearing) at higher layer depths, 50% total loss at 50 microns, and virtually guaranteed total failure at 25. I’m almost out of paint strainers! I’m still learning, but soon it’s going to be time to seek help. Anyway, on topic, have you tried lowering your build platform in the advanced settings under the help menu in preform? I found the advice here: , hopefully it’s helpful. Sounds like it’s a good idea to keep a record of what height works with what trays.

if nothing adheres to the build platform you should lower the build platform a bit. It can be necessary to adjust the height of a build platform by switching to another one!

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