Changed resin, now printer is making a different sound, last print failed

I switched from Clear to Tough, put in a new tank (and a new build platform) and ran a print. It made a different sound than I’d ever heard it make: Form 2 moving slower, making weird noise - YouTube

It sounds like the motor is straining, and the tank is moving very very slowly from left to right. A few hours later I checked the print and saw that it had failed completely.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

looks like a teleporter error.


The peeling operation is different between resins, and Clear is the fastest/easiest resin wile Tough seems to be on the more complicated side. The tank moving slowly and the motor making a different noise is normal. Your video doesn’t seem abnormal for Tough resin, especially since it’s in the process of printing the raft.

I think that it would help to show the part you were trying to print, if you can.

Before printing anything else, thoroughly filter the resin in the tank as there are surely bits and pieces of cured resin floating around… it’s especially difficult to see in Tough because the pieces that are submerged are totally invisible since they transmit light the same way at the liquid resin.

Issues early in a print can lead to failures like these later on. Are you able to upload your .form file? That would be a big help in working to diagnose this.

I don’t have the exact file but I’ve created something similar and now had it fail a second time (with one successful print containing only the middle part in between).

I fished out the big pieces, but how do I filter out the tiny pieces of cured resin?

Use a 190 micron paint filter. Instructions here!

I think the issue is linked to the ring-like part that is parallel to the build platform and not supported enough (see the red areas indicating a lack of supports). The issue is that the first layer will be very very thin and very badly supported, which will lead to failure and then the rest of the print can’t build itself.

I guess you have lowered the density of the supports, which you should only do with a bit of experience with the resin and the printer. Each resin is a bit different in how they print and the engineering range especially is very different from the Standard resins.

to solve this issue you could print it with a slight angle

Or straight up

Whatever suits your time and support position constraints.

As for the other part I think it may well have failed dure to the ring part failing. However I do ted to avoid having supports lined up that way


I feel better having them scatered a bit more
so that Preform generates a stronger support structure which is better able to withstand the peeling especially if there are layers near the end of the print which have a large surface area.

This is excellent, detailed, actionable advice, JohnHue. Many thanks - I will try your suggestions.

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