Tough resin v4 and Form 2

I Just installed a cartridge of Tough v4 + a new tank on my Form 2. First I had a problem with the resin sensor which I solved by setting the tank as explained on the website, but now I realized that the printer is really slow when moving the tank prior the sweeping!!. Is that a specific setup for the tough resin or there is something wrong . 4 hours before that I printed on castable resin with no problem!

Please help!


one more thing: the movement from left to right is very slow, just before the sweeping action, but the movement from right to left after sweeping is normal…

Each of the resins do have different process settings in regards to the peel movement. A slower peel movement does help to reduce stress as the part detaches from the tank and so long as you’re not seeing any artifacts in your prints, you should be good to go! If it seems to be excessively slow, can you upload a video so that we can take a look?

Hello Frew
Thanks for your answer. How to upload a movie? I made one which is 350MB large so you can see the all process (around two minutes) for the first few layers of a print with this new though resin cartridge and a brand new tank.

File sharing services like google drive or dropbox tend to be easiest. It’s important to note that the first couple of layers are quite slow as it’s important to create a strong base for the print.

My last print came out nicely though, but as you will see in the movie, a new “motor” sound appeared ( you have to listen carefully) just before the slow left to right movement.

Hi Frew
did you take a look at my video? what do you think?

Thank you


@goujonrichard @Frew Oddly enough I installed a new Tough v4 and a new tank on my F2 and was greeted with the resin sensor error as well. In my case reseating and cleaning did not work. I walked away from the printer for about 20 mins to call support. Upon my return the printer had started! An awesome woman named Claire in tech support informed me there have been a huge uptick in this particular error and according to her it was unknown why, but likely a software/firmware issue.

As far as the peeling goes, I didn’t notice anything odd and my parts came out perfectly.

It’s a bit tricky to tell from the video but this does look like normal behavior and so long as you’re not seeing artifacts in your prints or hearing a knocking sound from the tank, it’s nothing to worry about. The first couple of layers usually have the largest cross section and are most important for part adhesion so the peel movement can be quite slow.

There are two troubleshooting steps you might try for correcting the resin sensor error. The first as Claire pointed out is to adjust the tank a bit and see if that fixes things. For new tanks, you can also try manually filling the resin. We’re working on getting a fix out for this!

Claire also did mention to me filling the resin manually. That was my next step, however the printer started without me! Still unsure how that happened. In any case, after the error cleared up everything went smoothly. Thanks @Frew and Claire!

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