Problems detecting LT tank and Tough resin

I recently bought a new LT tank and tough resin cartridge for a project, when inserted, the LT tank would not detect and the tough resin detecs as Clear V4 resin, is this normal?

after cleaning and pushing a bit harder, the LT tank now detects as “unused” but i dont feel confident firing up to the printing stage.

Should i go ahead and try it out?

Contact Formlabs on the cartridge. It happens some times and they normally send a replacement.

The LT tanks have the contacts moved slightly compared to the old ones. On my machine I just have to pull it back a little in the machine and it reads fine. All of my LT tanks do this but I’ve never had an issue during printing. Once it reads it’s been fine for me.

Hey there @zxk3!

Thanks for taking the time to post! Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with LT tank detection. That’s certainly not the experience we want our users to have.

Just to echo FredB above me, the best thing to do is get in touch with our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to investigate your situation a little more closely.

That being said, you should definitely feel free to give printing with your LT tank a shot. Even if there is something going on with it, there shouldn’t be any risk involved with trying a test print!

Hey @DKirch

Right now giving the tank a gently push when inserting made the printer to detect it, what im wondering right now is if i should use the Tough V5 Cartridge that the printer detects as a Clear, im fairly new to the printer, but the last time i tried using a different resin on a tank configured for another cartridge it didnt allowed me to do so. What do you think?

I’m sorry for misunderstanding! I missed that aspect of the issue. This was an problem we saw a couple months ago with a mis-programmed batch of resin from our manufacturer(all sorted now). If you reach out to our support team we can get that cartridge of resin replaced for you ASAP.

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