Better Resin Tank LT installation instructions


I was about to open a support thread as follows:
Resin Tank LT v2 not detected: "Printer’s tank is missing"
Printer’s tank is missing
"A tank will need to be inserted, which is usable with White V3 resin in order to start this job."

I kept getting this message and was able to solve it, and was about to ask this forum how to fix it. So I’ve instead made this post a request to your team to write better instructions because the installation isn’t intuitive enough to be without instructions. I had to reinstall the Resin Tank LT v2 about 6+ times, and it was still not being detected. I was running PreForm 2.15.1. I read other forum posts where people struggled with the same thing.

How I fixed it
I followed this forum post here, where I learned that I wasn’t shoving the tray in hard enough toward the back of the printer so that it squeaks tightly against rubber. It’s a friction fit. Printer doesn’t detect the resin tank

Request to FormLabs technical writers
Can your support or technical writing team please include written instructions, even just a 3x5 paper slip, that clearly state how strongly you need to really shove it in? This stumped me for an hour or so, and it’d be a better customer experience if you include this nuance in the packaging instructions. Other customers have posted about this resin tray not being detected issue too. For a moment I was worried that the White V3 resin wasn’t compatible with Resin Tank LT.


Is it really so different from the standard Tank though ? Appart from the skweaking I find that that force you have to apply and the total movement of the tank are both about the same for he Std and LT tanks… in the end, you have to push it until it stops and there is a clear stop with both tanks.

I don’t disagree that some kind of instructions would be nice however.

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There is some variation from printer to printer. My machine reads all of the standard tanks without any issues. The LT tanks need to be inserted until just before they bottom out in order to be read. It’s not a big deal for me.

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Thanks JohnHue, you’re right it’s probably not different, this just was the version I was using.

FredB, that tip could also be in the instructions. :wink:

This instructions suggestion is really for new users or infrequent users who change their resin tray infrequently enough (e.g. me). A quick reminder on a 3x5 paper slip or an adjustment to the sticker on the packaging could save the trouble – or even digitally include a link to instructions with the order.

The tray design itself doesn’t intuitively imply that you really need to shove it in there even though it actually has what seems like “two levels” of connection with the plastic feet on the underside of the tank, and so I just pushed it to the “first level” when I was supposed to push it down “two levels”. In a nutshell, the tray design makes it easy to think it’s connected when you just snap in the first level/part of the plastic legs.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve forwarded this along to our team. The LT Tanks shouldn’t prove more challenging than the Standard Tanks to register to the printer. Have you been able to test this with a Standard Tank? That would help to identify whether it’s the tank that’s causing issue, or whether there might be something blocking tanks from being easily inserted into the printer.