Printer doesn't detect the resin tank


I printed this morning, no problem
Now I’m trying to print since 4 hours, but the printer says me the resin tank is not a correct one.

I’ve cleaned connectics on the printer and under the resin tank (even if it was clean), restart, the printer etc … no succeess.

My other tanks are well detected but not this one ! Why ?
I donnot want to clean an other full tank :frowning:

That has happened to me twice before too.

Try removing the tank and then reinserting it back in again. That worked for me.

Happened to me too but mine was operator error not the machine.
I was not pushing it forward into position hard enough to fully engage it.

also to add here, i found that some tanks need a really good push to get in.

Tank was inserted correctly …

I finished by cleaning the entire tank, don’t ask why, it was finally detected again by the printer !

You removed the tank from the printer to clean it, I bet. It was probably detected because you managed to finally insert it correctly, the cleaning had nothing to do with it. It was just that you removed/reinstalled it enough to finally succeed.

As others have mentioned, installing the resin tank can be tricky. It doesn’t provide much mechanical feedback to let you know it’s actually in position correctly. There ought to be a detent, something that “clicks” when the tank is fully inserted. But because there is not, and the tray mounts via a “friction fit”, it isn’t that difficult to end up thinking the tray was fully seated when it was not…


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