Resin LT tank reading as "Unknown"

I have just gotten a batch of Resin LT tanks and my Form 2 will not read them correctly. It comes up as 'Unknown" every time i put them in. I have cleaned the connection points, updated the software and firmware of the printing and it still won’t read it. For now I am running the prints in Open Mode, otherwise it won’t print with the LT tanks. Is there a way to solve this problem?

What kind of version of firmware in printer do you have now ?

the firmware is rc-1.17.7-29

I had the same issue as you:

My version is 1.16.8-19 and we didn’t update it to the higher version - meaby you should somehow “rewind” the update to that version ? Printer “see” the LT tank in our ver.

I updated our firmware because the older version wasn’t reading it either

I think any firmware starting with 1.15.4 should be fine with the LT tank. This doesn’t sound like a software problem. Have you contacted support yet?

@InfinityFabLab, I think it would be a good idea to open a support ticket, as well:

The LT tanks should be fine with the newest firmware, so our support team is best equipped to help you figure out if there’s another issue.

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