Great story of installing new tank

At last. New LT resin tank arrived.
We poured old resin into new one - and installed it into printer.
First problem - printer said that the resin tank was used with another resin and it should be clean to “reset it” into hight temp resin tank. First few attempts failed. We’ve cleaned the resin. Nothing happened.
Contacting to the support was OK. They told us that the drivers of the printer is old and it’s need to be updated.
Second problem - automatic update was imposible due to “decyption failed” error. Seems that old driver was to old to get automatic update.
After some time we’ve found link to download manually update. Finally! ( )
Third problem - touchscreen. After manually updating printer seems to have problems with touch screen (doesnt work). Searching the forum - turn off/on several times to make it work. Yes. Finally.
It all lasted 1,5h. Is it fine now ? Idk. It is printing. I hope that some things will change.

Thanks for this, just saved me a bit of time, in the exact same scenario.

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