Resin sensor error on Tough 4 only

Finally switched to tough 4. sensor error no matter what I do with tank, tray, wiggle jiggle, clean… Put a clear 2 back in and it works fine. The tough 4 looks very viscous, wondering if thats part of the problem? I had to do the firmware update because tough4 wasn’t listed. Any ideas?

Before you do anything, if you have not already tried a power cycle, try a power cycle (unplug, wait a minute, plug back in).

If that doesn’t work and if you really need to get the print going, you could try manually adding a little more resin to the tank by hand. Remove the cartridge and just squeeze some resin out of the open cap vent (it will be easy to control how much you add, this way). If a little bit more doesn’t do it, though, stop, don’t keep adding more. You may get it to be happy at a point where there’s too much resin and you’ll get a splash over from the wiper.

Also, open a ticket with FL if you have not already done that, too.

I suspect that this is an issue with the tank rather than the material. Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by checking to see if other tanks are reading properly and glad to hear that Clear V2 is working for you.

As @Randy_Cohen mentioned, the fixes for Resin Sensor errors include manually filling the tank to the fill line and pulling out the tank then slowly inserting it just until the printer detects the tank. We also released updates in the latest firmware version to reduce Resin Sensor errors. If those steps don’t work for you, get in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

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