Any Preform printer confusion in settings?

Hey everyone,

Have any of you seen the setting on Preform for the printer as Form1 when your printer is an upgraded Form1+?
I noticed this 3 times already.
I also noticed that when I start Preform it always seems to have the Form1 setting, not recognizing the printer as a Form1+.
This has been the process:

Import and orient a part and create support structures.
Then I start a print, which fails about 1.5 cm through. So I stop and clean up.

Next, I start PreForm again, open the same file (saved from preform) and recreate the supports (orientation is the same as before) and then send the new job to the printer. This second attempt, Preform recognized the printer as a Form1+ and the print turns out useable. Useable because of deformations, warping and inconsistent layer quality seen on large surfaces (probably this part needs a few more supports in a few of those places?). These are prototype parts (Under NDA, so no sharing images yet). I am using Gray Resin01 (yes, I just opened it. Long story).
Lastly, are any of you having better success with grey resin or black resin with large parts, those that must be oriented diagonally to print at full size?