Acrylic thinner instead of alcohol?

I really like the Form 1 and if it works out I could see my company ordering a bunch of these, but I’m going to have a little trouble with the isopropyl alcohol in my plant. Because of it’s potential to flash, we have to use approved containers for alcohol and only in small quantities at a time. I’m not quite sure how to make this work and I’ve been looking at two routes - alternatives to alcohol or some type of safe handling equipment (such as an agitator that lets you finish the part from a remote location). Obviously finding an alternative to alcohol would be much better. As anyone tried using some type of acrylic thinner (e.g. Tamiya)? Also, can I use a light to cure any uncured resin? I’m on the pre-order list, but not a kickstarter backer. I hope to have the printer soon and I’m trying to find a solution for this before it gets here (otherwise it’ll sit in a closet for a while).