Ethyl alcohol


Just did my first print. My facility has ethyl alcohol in stock, which I assume will not be good for use in the form wash, and I’ll need actual IPA. But want to confirm this.

Do I need to wash off any residual resin off the build platform after each print? Or just pry the model off and go on with the next print?



No comment on the alcohol choice but you need not wipe the build platform unless you change materials. That is still useful/good resin!

If you want to work with the build platform you can scrape some of that off into the tank.


Thanks for the info!

Would it be good practice to use a different build platform for different resins


“Methylated spirits” aka “Denatured alcohol” is far cheaper here in New Zealand than isopropyl alcohol ($18/4l vs $38/5l), as well as being available at hardware stores which IPA is not (I have to order it from an electronics supply company).

Whether it’s as effective or long-lasting as a solvent I’d be willing to pay the small pricetag to test, the next time I need a refill. Frankly the smell is considerably less awful too.

As for cleaning the build plate, I use mini rafts a lot to save resin, so I run a razor blade scraper (just over the area of the last print) to make sure I’ve caught any tiny pieces of cured resin still stuck to the build plate.


Thanks for the responses. I ended up using IPA.