IPA Vs. Denature alcohol

I have been using IPA since I got my Form 1+ but recently decided to start using Denature Alcohol and noticed some positive difference.

I clean my prints by spraying (not squirt) the model to push resin away and then using a hair blower to see if there is uncure resin on the model (the uncured resin looks wet compare to the areas where there is no resin on the surface) I repeat this process 2 or 3 times as needed.

The 2 things I noticed are:
1) The models clean faster with Denatue alcohol.
2) The odor is not as strong as IPA.

So far I am leaning towards using Denature Alcohol.
Is there a downside to using Denature alcohol?

I think this argument is a large case of YMMV as denatured alcohol can be composed of a number of things while IPA is a rather specific solvent.

I do believe that you are correct that it works more aggressively than IPA. From my personal experience the denatured alcohol I tried left some residue on parts and absorbed into the parts during the 10 minute soak. The latter resulting in distorted features and tacky surfaces as the alcohol slowly worked its way out of the parts.

Currently I use denatured to clean all my tools and IPA to finish the parts (70% in squeeze bottle and 99% in tanks). Denatured tends to be quite a bit cheaper than 99% IPA as well. If you didn’t notice any issues when you switched that’s great, though I can’t recommend this for everyone.

Also I hate the smell of denatured alcohol but IPA doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m probably the weird one though.

Thanks Brandon for sharing your experience.

I guess because I spray and use the hair blower right away to evaporate the Denature alcohol,
I have not noticed any kind of distortion.

One other observation is that by squirting Denature alcohol at the base of model
it seems to detach from the platform much easier.

I noticed that denatured damages the surface. If you don’t mind the stink try acetone.

I still use Yellow Magic for my initial cleaning and depending on the parts fragility I use IPA to take the tacky off or the small stuff I post cure the part while submersed in YM which takes just a little longer because I don’t have a good post cure light source yet.

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