Alcohol question

So with the panic buying of all the alcohol in the stores and online, supplies for this are getting difficult to find.
Any recommendations on how best to filter and reuse what we already have?

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Hey @Ken_Weiland!

I don’t have specific tips for the moment, but we know this is an issue that’s going to continue to spread, so we’re doing our best to put together some documentation ASAP about alternative cleaning methods and hopefully some filtering advice as well. I’ll be sure to post here when that stuff is ready.

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I usually decant my IPA in bottle away from light for several days. I reuse it and maximize usage + reduce waste :wink:

are you telling me that the uncured resins will actually precipitate out of solution, and can be physically separated?!?!

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Yes, that is exactly correct. Put your used IPA in a clear container and set it in the sun for an hour or so, then filter a couple of times with coffee filters and good to go.


I’m not sure if it’s actually 100% separated… all I know is that the IPA is clear (I use white and black resin) and my parts not sticky when I use this “cleaned” IPA. I do not put it under the sun, only use the top decanted IPA and throw away the bottom.

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the only effective way is distillation

is there an affordable distillation system?

You might get some inspiration from this topic

I’ll also add in a link to the blog post we did about how to clean parts with TPA. Obviously not feasible for everyone, but hopefully it can help someone!