Who is actually using a distiller for used IPA?

I produce a large quantity of used IPA and will be doubling that use by July this year. Trouble is I’ve found no good way to dispose of this used, contaminated IPA.

I’ve wondered about using a distiller but the thought of heating 99% IPA to the boiling point or close to it bothers me. I work out of my home and no basement. Also I’m in a deed restricted sub-division so doing this outside isn’t possible. Is anyone actually doing this, distilling IPA to reuse it?

Or as an alternative, has anyone found a company that will dispose of the used IPA? I’ve searched around the Indianapolis area and found none.

Safety of boiling IPA is probably right up there with running a meth lab lol.
Can you separate the solids with a centrifuge? OR will it separate if frozen?

Well, they have them for making your own moonshine. That’s what I was looking at. Seeing they use a hot plate I don’t think they are for using out in the woods. [grin]

Any old hotplate might not be accurate enough and may overheat right? Would a lab quality one be cost effective?
Or maybe a double boiler work?

I still use YM here and not complaining. I know it isn’t as aggressive as IPA but the warping was killing me.

I already have 3 large containers each with 2.5 gallons of 99% IPA sitting on the floor never mind 6 gallons of fresh plus the 2+ gallons in the Form Wash. That’s a lot of IPA sitting around.

Then I intend on installing yet a second Form 2 in July so all this will double fast. I really need some way to dispose of the IPA or reuse it.

try exposure to sunlight followed by a ultrafine filter. ( 0.2 um ) Rather than refine it- try cleaning it.
fsifilters.com sells all kinds of filtration equipment and has a page specifying what materials can be used in filtering ISP.

i would contact them and tell them what you are trying to do and see if they have a recommend solution.

I’ve tried that and the IPA turns milky white. Right now I’m just letting it sit indoors to get the suspended resin to separate and fall to the bottom of the jugs. I have some 3 gallon clear plastic water jugs for this.

I testing the IPA doing this in the past and it tested negative as far as being usable for cleaning. Thus the reason for looking at distilling it. Otherwise the only solution I can see is to buy a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and add stove pipe “T” stacks to it. This way it will vent but rain can’t get in and set the buckets out in the sun to evaporate.

I’ll see about those filters and get a few to test the settled IPA.

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