Singapore Form1 Users

I’m a Form1 backer in Singapore.

Any Form1 supporter from Singapore?

Hi Thomas,

I am from Singapore, and still waiting for them to ship from my KS order.



Hi all,

Same here. KS order and still waiting for it.

Hi all.

I got mine a while back and its kinda screwed up at the moment especially after installing the latest preform software.

Any of you guys have a good source for cheap industrial Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)? I could only find 500 ml bottles in Unity (can’t even get this size at watsons or guardian) and its fuggin ex.

Acetone (Nail polish remover) is even better.

I purchased a couple of bottles of 99.9% ISP at a local electronics supply store. This seems to be where you can find the strong stuff in public–I imagine you can find it also at online electronics shops. FYI, you’ll want to wear gloves with this stuff.


Hey G, where did you get your IPA from? Got any address or contact?

Any of you guys kept the packaging? I might have to send my printer back for exchange.

Hi Eric,

Why Acetone, is even better?

How many actually received their printer?


Steve K K

Here in Los Angeles I purchased a few liters at Fry’s Electronics. The brand is Puretronics Technical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol (99.9%). I don’t remember what it cost but it wasn’t very expensive. I just went to the store and picked it up but I think they sell it on their website too.

When I was searching for 90+% ISP online, the cost of the solution seemed to vary widely between sources so you should definitely shop around.


Ah I was hoping that its a store in Singapore.

Hey Steve. Well the IPA got is the weak stuff from Unity and its so expensive. I tried the method Formlabs recommended but my alcohol got saturated with resin pretty quickly. I tried a couple of other solvents and seems like nail polish remover works best leaving the least amount of residue resin on the parts. I’ve yet to find a source for industrial grade IPA. That might work better since nail polish remover isn’t cheap at all and they come in small bottles,

Looking to meet up someone who bought the Form1 printer in Singapore to test-print some 3D designs before purchasing one.  Can someone help me?

Is any Singapore backer got the Form1?

Edwin, I might want to let go mine,

If you can leave your contact here, I’ll let you know when I got it.

Hi Wei Loon,

My contact is Edwin824 “at”

Drop me an email and I send you my mobile contact?

Best Regards,


My Formlabs 3D printer just arrived…

My Formlabs 3D printer just arrived…

Hi all,

Singapore user here. Just got my Form1 but no test print yet. Also a reprap user, so I’m a pretty enthusiastic 3D printer user!


My 1st Print…

IPA, you can get in online in Singapore…

Hi Alex,

I don’t know what’s my order no. Does it matter? As far as I know, all Form1 from KS are shipped?

My form 1 arrived 2 days back, but after the first print. It refuses to power on.

Thanks for opening up a support ticket, Steve. We’ll take care of you.