Singapore Form1 Users

Hi all, maybe we should start a Form1 users group meet-up? How about some time in April???

Sounds good. But any agenda?

Hi Teck Wee,

Proposed Agenda of SF1G (Singapore Form1 Group) Meet-up session:

  1. Network session to get to know each other, why we chose the Form 1, and prior experience, etc.

  2. Sharing challenges faced and tips, hardware and software / consummables

  3. Current projects / case studies

  4. Possible collaboration / joint projects / peer-to-peer printing / undertake commercial work if opportunity arises

  5. Bulk purchases / swap spare parts, etc.

  6. Localised support for each other (regional)

If this goes well, we can do more things as a group and have our own Fan page.

Will be happy to coordinate remotely. Maybe formal meetings twice a year, the rest are localised meetings?

As always, arranging a date and venue will be a challenge. We can’t accommodate everyone but I can propose a date, time and venue.

Those who can turn up, will turn up and find ways to turn up. April will be good for me as I’m away for most of March.


Cool. I’m mostly interested in knowing what others are doing with their Form1 and collaboration.

I’m no longer using the Form1 but don’t mind meeting some likeminded folks to share tips and experiences with the printer and any other RP machines you guys have tried.

Hi,  April is ok for me.  Will be out of Singapore most of the time in May.

Hi all,

Anyone keen to meet on Thursday evening (10th April 2014) in the city? Please PM me if interested and I’ll try to confirm the specific venue and time.

Looking forward to a meetup.


HI all, Choong Leng and I are meeting today this evening (10 April 2014). If anyone is available and would like to join us, please email me by noon or try to get in touch with Choong Leng. Sorry for very short window. If anyone is keen to organise another meetup over the following weekend, etc., I would be keen to attend. I think having meet ups not only act as an informal support group but also share experiences which can be difficult online. My email is tetley1933 (at)


Hi Guys ,

I’m a 3D artist . i’m interested in this 3D printer ,  i would like to purchase one but yet to do so . Would be great if you guys can include me in your next meeting  to learn new things and experiences from this technology . Looking forward and Much Thanks !

Hi Jimmy,

Welcome to our very small local group. You can just email kilroy he will probably be arranging a meeting when he’s available some time later. Meanwhile it’ll be great if you can show some of the 3D works you’ve done. It’s kinda rare to have 3D artists here in sg.