2.19.1 Painfully slow loading

I noticed that the latest version is painfully slow loading, I am guessing it is all the remote network chatter required in the new version. Is there a way of disabling it? I really don’t care about posting “Likes” on every F@#$ print I attempt to squeeze out of my machine. I would be using OpenFL but the resin I am using isn’t listed in it.


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Preform has been painfully slow loading for a few versions now.

I had been using OpenFL until I changed resins so I needed a setting for gray 3 or 4. If there is a setting for that then I’ll roll back. I had almost 0 print errors with the clear 2 on open fl and tanks lasted fairly well.
Not happy with the new version. I can’t see all the menus on my laptop which I use to drive the F1 and my laser engraver.

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