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OpenFL vs main PreForm version numbering (OpenFL v2.3 vs PreForm v2.20?)

So, the latest version supporting the Form 1+ is v2.20, so they say. Unfortunately, that version of Preform is plagued by a couple of issues - first, a glacially slow upload process (more than a couple times, I unplugged my computer from the printer absent-mindedly, or closed it and it went to sleep, in middle of a 30-minute upload process), and second and more importantly, a CPU-gobbling issue where it always consumes 100% CPU of a single core at all times it’s running.

See: PreForm: CPU usage


PreForm seems like it was built on a newer version, and fixes at least the CPU issue, but it doesn’t support modern resins - it only goes up to v2 for black and grey resins. Yeah, what?? Why? How is it a newer version, yet with less support for FL’s resins? I use Grey v4 mostly… but no love for Grey v4 there.


Or am I nuts and PreForm v2.20 is “20 > 3” vs OpenFL v2.3? Maybe I should just roll back a couple versions to fix the CPU usage thing? It feels like OpenFL’s v2.3 is a more mature, less glitchy version, in how it manipulates models and such…