What version of Preform is best for Form1+

What version of Preform works best for the Form1+.
I notice different features are available for different versions.
I have 1.8.2, 2.11.3, 2.12.3, 2.13.1, 2.14.0, 2.15.0_build_114 and 2.3.3_OpenFL_build_2


I use OpenFL here with no issues though newer versions seem ok I like the option for custom materials.

Thanks Ken,

One reason I ask is because I’m getting print failures and wonder whether any of these are attributable to the version of Preform I’m using.
I’m wondering:
whether the supports creation algorithm is different from one version to another,
whether resin settings tables are different from one version to another,
whether anything is different in newer versions that might affect print success rates on Form1+,
whether having more than 1 version of Preform installed might affect print success rates on Form1+.

I have 3 versions installed concurrently, 1.8.2, 2.3.3 OpenFL and 2.1.5.
Is it possible some of the files used by different versions of Preform are in the same directories?
I did notice there are unique directories for each of these versions as follows:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Formlabs\PreForm 2.3.3 OpenFL
C:\Program Files(x86)\Formlabs\PreForm 2.15
C:\Program Files(x86)\Formlabs\PreForm1.8.2
I believe this is due to the way I installed them…I might have chosen these specific directory names.



Mind if I ask what color resin generates the most successful prints for you?

And which custom resins do you use?


I stopped updating PreForm at 2.10.2. There hadn’t been any new updates to Preform which were pertinent to the Form 1+, other than support for some newer resins, which frankly didn’t work for me all that well.

2.10.2 also happens to be the last version of Preform that supported the old format for .FORM files. After that they made changes to the way these files are saved, so the new .FORM files are not compatible with the older versions. My understanding is that the newer Preform version can still open the old files, but they can only save them out in the new format.

I have also moved almost exclusively to ApplyLabWorks resins, and I haven’t had any failures with them. IN fact I’ve been very happy with the output quality and success. I still have some FormLabs clear resin, and I’m holding on to it, since ALW doesn’t yet offer a clear. But for my needs ALW beige and black, mixed together and Olive grey do the job just fine.

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So long as you aren’t looking to use OpenFL, sticking to the latest PreForm version is the best way to go. That will ensure that you have access to all of the latest material profiles and all of the latest process settings. So long as you make custom directories during the installer, you should be good to go with running parallel PreForm versions.

OK Thanks a lot Frew,

That’s what I’ve been doing up til now.
Most recently, I’ve been using Black V4 in bottle form.
I have Black V4 in Form2 canister form also, and will transition to that next.


I didn’t have much luck with anything or any resin under any settings until I started using Preform OpenFL.

If you know a little about basic html or programming or just have a sense of it in general it’s only a few things to edit to create your own resin profiles for different resins.

It took me about a good 2 weeks tho to finally understand it well enough to be able to dump any resin in the vat (learning exposure times and how to tell under/.over curing) test it and have it printing within an hour. Downside is this can be time consuming and uses resin in the process of creating a profile, the upside is once you have it tuned to the resin you shouldn’t have to do it again.

The trick w/ OpenFL when creating a resin profile is to start w/ the base. So basically run a smaller print and stop it about 25 layers in and see where you stand, if the base sticks or not how clean it is over cured or under.

Then you adjust the laser strength until you have a properly formed base, and leave that setting alone, then since you know the base will print allow it to get another 50 or so layers and see where it is again. If only the base prints fine but then the rest doesnt you raise or lower the laser strength. Adjust accordingly. time consuming yes, but in this process you will learn alot.

I have created a makerjuice SF (yellow) profile today. and will post it real soon once the print I have is completed to show proof of work.


Is it possible to download an older version of Preform?
I’d like to have 2.10.2


Mattia Mercante keeps an archive of all the Preform releases. Just search the forum for his name and Preform.

Thanks Dudemeister,

I picked up all the versions I will ever need…maybe never use them, but what the hey.



Looking forward to seeing that profile when you get it worked out.

Formlabs support has been really patient with me, and after all potential causes have been taken off the table, I’m seeing what I need to do to move forward.


Here you go: MakerJuice Yellow (OpenFL ini) included

There is a steep learning curve , I never used a 3d printer before so I learned as I go, I only had this printer for a few months and only really put a month into learning it. It is frustrating at times but its mainly in the fine tuning get the platform height right and go from there. One step at a time.

Hey Thanks sharpknlfe,

I hear what your saying about getting the platform height right and then move on. I have had this issue and seem to have moved beyond it. I’m currently stuck dealing with a weak laser, and that’s where OpenFL will help. Being able to crank the power up to compensate will help. I know this isn’t a solid solution and maybe I never get the quality I used to (although moving to other resins might yield an improvement).

Have you ever replaced your laser? Formlabs support does not, nor did they ever offer to do this level of work on your printer (a month ago they would give me a replacement printer for $800, but with my printer being so pristine, I wasn’t willing to take that chance), and since they’re shutting down support of Form1+ completely soon that option will be gone. I’m capable of doing the modification. I just need to have a solid replacement part number. I’ve seen part numbers on the forum, but these seem like speculation more than confirmed.


Never changed the laser, I got my form used on ebay, had problems at the start nothing would print & thought it was the laser, it wasnt. I just had to keep testing platform heights, and then I started using openFL and were able to produce prints after that,

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