New firmware 1.5.1

I notice a new version of firmware released today Any chance we could get some more information on what’s included in it?

e.g. What are a couple examples of the “various bug fixes” and what’s new in Resin Tank v2.1?

I noticed the support auto-generation in PreForm is much quicker, compared to 3.11.*.

The description for the tank v2.1 says it’s modified to be compatible with Castable Wax 40. They don’t describe any actual changes, though.

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New Firmware doesn’t have any effect on PreForm’s performance. It might affect printer performance, but PreForm running on a PC generating supports could care less about the printer’s firmware. :slight_smile:

New firmware came with a new preform.

When you start Preform, it checks FormLabs-Central and offers to update if there’s newer Preform. If not, it checks and offers to update if there’s newer FW. They’re not bundled together. You can most definitely update FW without updating Preform and vice-a-versa.

The new preform won’t let you print without updating the firmware. So, they’re bundled together in this case.

Ah. Good to know. Thanks for straightening me out.

But either way, new FW doesn’t make Preform any faster. If Preform is faster it’s because it’s new, too. :slight_smile:

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