Z-Compression Correction on Form 3?


For parts printed directly on the build platform on the Form 3, do we have to factor in the surface area of our part like what must be considered on the Form 2?

lower part surface area -> more pressure, therefore more Z-compression
larger part surface area -> less pressure, therefore less Z-compression

With the sliding action of the Form 3…I’d imagine Z-compression may be experienced differently. Could someone @Formlabs chime in on how to consider Z-Compression correction with the new Form 3?

I’ve been considering calibrating a cube printed on the build platform, but wasn’t sure if size was going to be an influence.


The “low force stereolithography” technique we are using in the Form 3 is pretty radically different from what we used in the Form 2—compression during squish is a different beast. I don’t believe there is even a tuning option on the printer.