Z dimensional differences when printing on build plate


So I printed some parts directly on the form 2’s build plate. I understand that the first few layers get compressed by what they say is around .5mm or about .020 . while I understand why this is needed for good adhesion of the parts on the build plate I don’t understand why the software doesn’t automatically add this distance to the section of part that is on the build plate so your parts don’t come up short on the section that is attached to the build plate. So am I expected to add this to all my models that I plan on printing on the build plate to get them to be dimensionally accurate? That would be a headache! What led me here is anything I print on a raft is not even close to flat but when printed on the build plate nice flat surface but then my part (the section on the build plate) will be .060 short in Z much more then the .020 they say it compresses. I was able to calibrate X & Y and get my machines within .003 in X & Y. keep in mind the Z heights of the part that are not on the build plate are within .003 acceptable. So I started playing around with the only other adjustment in Z I could… the Z-height of the build plate (used to adjust adhesion of parts) and I found that by changing that number I can adjust the height of my parts larger or smaller & only the section of the part on the build plate by quite a bit and still have around the same adhesion.(haven’t had one fail yet and have gone a high as .6mm away from plate) ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS ISSUE?


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