Finished part Z-Axis height out of spec

How to adjust the Z height of your finished part. I know you can change the Z-Axis height on the machine, but from what I read that changes the compressed layers (adhesion layers) not the height dimension of your overall finished part. My parts are about 0.3mm too tall. What can I do to fix this issue? X & Y seem to be very close to correct.
Using a Form 2
Firmware is up to date
Build plate and take in good condition
Using Ridig resin
0.05mm layer thickness setting in Perform.
Part use supports
Support type mini Rafts
Objects are 10mmX10mmX10mm cubes

The bottom of the cube is going to be deformed by the supports and the forces applied to the print during peeling. You might see better dimensional accuracy if you positioned the cubes at 45º on two axes, so that it looks like a diamond with one corner of the cube pointed straight down at the build plate and the opposite corner pointed straight up at the resin tank (or down depending on your point of view).

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Thanks, I will try another print, but do not believe that is the issue. I have a TPG test fixture set at an angle during print and the hole spacing is off only in the Z-Direction. This print is the reason I started to look into the accuracy of my prints. Prints that are out of nominal by 0.3mm for every 10 mm will not work. Most of our builds are 25mm to 50mm tall. 0.3mm will add up.