Z Axis Compression Tough 2000

I’m getting what I believe is called Z axis compression on my parts. It looks like the Form 2 has a calibration feature for this, but the Form 3 doesn’t have any calibration? Has anyone else experienced this?

Has anyone printed an object for calibration, like a cube that has 1" x 1" square sides?

I guess I could scale each part in the Z axis in Onshape, but that seems like a lot of extra work.

I printed a 1" cube with 1/2" holes in all directions. The X was .005" over, Y was perfect, and Z is off by 3% (outer and holes). I scaled the models in the Z direction in Onshape, and I just started the print. We’ll see in the morning if it worked.

I was using Tough 2000 and switched to Black.