Z axis scaling off by 1%

Does anyone have experience calibrating the Z axis on the form 1, my printer seems to consistently print off by around 1%, ie a 100mm tall part will be 101mm. Anyone have any tips to either scaling solids in ACAD or calibrating printer?

I can think of a way.

  1. Decrease the scale of the whole model 1% with Preform’s Size adjuster.
  2. Increase the scale of the X and Y axis by 1% in Preform’s Fine Tuning settings.

I made a step block and printed it dead flat on the build platform with no supports.
all my measurements where off on the steps approx the same amount all short by about .020" when measured from the base but between each step they were a little more than .020".

The step block is pretty hefty at around 45ml of material so there are a lot of variables I see with post curing and general moisture content.

One thing to note which I found out yesterday is the initial layers on the print are extra compressed so they stick better to the build platform to keep the parts from falling off. That difference is around .4- .5mm here.

If your consistently off then you can fine tune the z height of the build platform for layer correction. I would make a step block and measure and make sure there isn’t any strange variations. If your post curing your model then post cure the step block to it’s final cure state and measure that.