Z Compression Correction?

I’m printing directly on the build platform (V2) and am having trouble getting the height of the parts close to size. I started with the default settings and my part came out 0.9mm too high. I adjusted the z compression correction to 0.0mm and my part is still 0.2mm too high. How to I adjust it further to compensate?

Also, how do I avoid the edge highlighted in the second image where the part sits on the build plate?


(I’m printing directly on the platform for speed of print and surface finish on a critical face)
For reference the part is approximately 24mm X 4mm with a 1mm chamfer on the bottom.

There are several threads about the elephants foot, I posted on not too long ago too. It should be possible for Formlabs to counteract it but for now you have to design around it, which is annoying but doable. The frustrating part is when you switch layer height or resin typ it will change and you’ll have to go back to cad and adjust it again, which takes several iterations to get right.

you can also water sand the base to remove the extra material.
A sand paper of 400+ does not leave any marks if you do cyclical movements

Thanks for the reply, I think I’ve read most of those threads but I still don’t know how to make the parts come out the correct height when I’m already using 0.0 mm z compression correction. And they are still too high?

Hi @Andrew_W,

Thank you for getting in touch. The settings you shared look good, so I’m not certain why your part is still coming out slightly too tall along with the elephant’s foot. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team and sharing this file along with your printer’s diagnostic logs.

After some more testing with a different resin (Grey Pro) and also both V1 & V2 build platforms my parts are coming out on size (using 0.0 mm z compression correction) but when I changed back to High Temp resin they are 0.15mm too high. I’ll open a support ticket and see what happens.

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So by randomly switching resins, settings and build plates all of a sudden they come out with correct height? That’s even more concerning I would argue, then you can’t be sure of consistency either. This if for sure something the dev team needs to take a closer look at.

I too have the similar problem but with my person hobby printer. The clear resins will do said thing but solid resins seems fine. I was able to MILDLY fix the solution by making sure the bottom tank is clean or new with no smudges, and replacing the optical window/glass. I still have the the issue but less than before.

good luck

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