First Layher Exceeding base Problem

I’m having a lot of problems with the Form3+, to resolve this kinda of elephant foot, that happens printing directly on the platform with “no raft” support settings.

I know it’s influenced by the early layhers merge and z compression, so I tried to lower those values to almost 0, also I chamfered the base of the print, but I’m still having an irregular edge exceeding the print itself on the base.

For this specific print I need forcely to print directly on the build platform, but to have a clean base. I’m a little disappointed, also lowering those two vales so much messed up with the global dimension of the print (e.g. there is an internal printed thread which is no longer usable)… anyone has suggestion on how to have a clean print with no raft?

Attached the photos of first results (bigger elephant foot but dimensions still ok) and the last result (little but really irregular elephant foot but unusable dimensions)
if anyone could help it will be fondly appreciated

Hi @Wharfrat,

Thanks for reaching out about this and for sharing those photos. It’s good that you have already tried experimenting with adjusting Z-Compression Correction and other advanced support settings. At this point, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing your printer’s diagnostic logs along with the .form files you printed in order for them to narrow down whether the issue could be specific to your printer’s optics or to something else entirely.

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This is a real problem I’ve been working around for over a year in my models. I raised the idea earlier that a visualization of the elephant foot should be implemented into PreForm, especially as it varies…

When you manage to design your model to not have the elephants foot and then change layer high it’ll either re-emerge or worse, your print might fail as it’s not sticking to the build platform.

I don’t think it would be too much to at least look into how complicated it would be to implement a feature that completely counter acts the elephants foot, I can’t imagine it being that difficult in comparison to other stuff that’s already implemented. This would be a very useful feature.


Hi Reine,

Thank you for this feedback - was this idea raised through submit feedback through PreForm as well? This can get more eyes on this for the team.

No, I raised the problem here.

Hi Reine,

I see that you were working with Jesse on this issue and the feedback was definitely passed if this is the thread in question.

I will let Jesse know about the latest development in that thread as well.

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