First layers spread over build plate

Hello everyone,
I do a lot of prints directly on the build plate with good results, but I noticed that the first layers are always larger than expected, as if they spread over the build plate (see pictures). I use standard resins (white). Is it possible to avoid this issue?

Hey there @bdeschmann!

Do you mind if I ask if you’re printing with any support structure, or just directly on the build platform? The first couple layers of any print need to be hit multiple times to make sure they stick to the BP. These multiple passes can often result in a slight skirting effect.

Typically this effect is less of an issue because it’s just the support raft, but it can definitely adversely affect geometry that’s being printed directly on the surface.

As you supposed I print directy on the build plate, I know that the first couple of layers need some special attenctions, but I hoped that exists some workaround to avoid this effect.

One possibility to reduce the elephant foot is to do this in the CAD model.

Cut off the first layer and erode it by the measured foot width.

@Leolo Thanks for your answer. It is what I suspected I have to do. I’ll try it next print

One more question, when I print with rafts, the raft do not have any “elephant foot” and they are printed directly on the build plate… Do you know how it is possible?


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