You did it (Meshy)!

Holy cow! Meshy is amazing!

It made me think of this feature request:
Add Text to Surface

now, let me throw down a challenge for you: the ability to vary the texture for different areas of the part. Perhaps by drawing a shape on the surface? Not sure how it would work. Or, if the STL was mult-bodied. Sort of like how multi-color works on FFF printers.

Great job guys! This is super cool!


I second that, a feature or area recognition would be awesome, great start though!

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So I’ve had a little bit of time to play with this.
It is possible to do multiple textures, however it’s quite cumbersome. You use meshy to export STL files. If you want multiple textures, you’ll need to bring these mesh bodies into your CAD system. Depending on the system you use, you may be able to import the mesh into the solid part. Formlabs example shows Fusion 360. In SolidWorks, you have to create a part file from the mesh (imported as a graphics body) then assemble each part either in an assembly or by importing parts into one another.
Any of these steps are time consuming. Pluse, you lose associativity with the model.

Now, if you integrated Meshy into Preform, THAT would be awesome. In fact, here’s what you could do in Preform that would blow every other slicer out of the water: Allow importing of STEP files (GrabCad print can do this). This would then allow you to select faces to apply the texture to. Then hit a button to mesh the file and continue on as normal. j

Or, you could just simply do it all in SolidWorks and maintain the association between the mesh and the solid :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of the results from using the texture map conversion in SolidWorks