Add text to surface of object within Preform

I would love to see the ability to add text to an object within Preform.
This would be useful to have print lot information added to the object for tracking or development purposes.
It would also be useful for adding date information to a print more easily and reliably than modifying the STL directly.

Further I would even love if we could add a timestamp placeholder that gets filled in by the printer when the print starts. This would allow us to track prints to the date/time a print happens on every print without having to go into the file or preform every time. Would be great for production tracking.


Hi @paul_rea,

That could be a very useful addition to PreForm. I’m happy to submit this feature request to our Product Team on your behalf! I cannot guarantee a timeline for this feature or if it will be implemented, but our Product Team will review the feedback when considering future updates to PreFrom!

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Adding support for this, as I would love to see this, too. Prusa Slicer recently just added something like this, and I’ve wanted this feature in PreForm for a while.

If implemented, could it be made to follow custom rules, like how Google Sheets (and Excel?) have custom number formatting options? That would be amazing to have in PreForm! File name, date, time, numbering, etc.

I’d also like to suggest that such text stays on an object between object swaps. The supports already stay between swaps, so having text stay in the same place would also be ideal.

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