Use of the base

i want to print lots of different small things in one print. but because they go to specific places of a bigger project can i add alphanumeric in the base of every small print so later i know what goes where?

thanks in advance

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Well sure you can add any text feature to a printed part, as long as the lettering is .035"-.050" width (to prevent the two walls of the number/letter from fusing, and as long as parts (like the center of an engraved O) are properly supported.

Did I understand that right?

You can’t modify the base that way, you’d have to create supports in another app where you would be able to do that. Also remember that if you do the auto-arrange that it will not keep things in order so if you want to arrange them in a way to keep track of which part is which then don’t use that feature since it’ll mix them up.

i can create an object with base and supports and preform will understand what is base and what is support ?
will also understand if it is under-supported a model?


No, the only thing PreForm recognizes as rafts and supports are the ones it creates, and it won’t let you do things like add text to them.

One rather ugly workaround would be to create “tags” as separate STL files. Load them into the scene without any supports, and move them so that they’re intersecting with the rafts of the various models.

I’m afraid that’s kind of painful. It might be worth it if you were going to be printing this often. You could save a FORM file with the parts, the supports, and the tags all placed appropriately and reuse it.

It would be like printing the object directly to the platform (unsupported) It will tell you it’s unsupported but it can’t shade parts of it to tell if they don’t have enough supports. The supports you would create in another application would be treated like part of the object itself.

thanks for the idea. i will see what to do.

maybe a future addon ?


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