Allow "Point to Point" supports in edit mode without adding a base

I want to print directly to the Build Platform but need a few manually placed supports on the object. How do I add a support from a specific point to another specific point without generating a support base? I am able to manually place supports but Preform determines whether or not to use a lower section of the model to attach the support or to create a base plate.

So, If I were able to manually select both ends of the support, the issue would be resolved.

Like this.

Not this.

I totally support(!) this idea. I often print parts that are best positioned straight on the platform, but need support in one or two overhang areas. I currently have to model the supports in by hand in CAD.
There needs to be an option to create a base, i.e. point to base support, for those areas that overhang. The base should be at the same level as the part, not below it.

That might be something that would be a while for them to add, until then you’d have to make your own supports, not a huge issue but not super convenient. At some point it would be nice to control supports like that just in general.

You can also use Autodesk meshmixer which is free, and it can add supports to your model\stl. Test it out and see if it works for you.