Preform: Add ability to increase the area of the base without adding additional supports

I’ve been experimenting with placing my own supports rather than using auto-generated supports to get the supports on easier to clean parts of a model and make them more symmetrical.

I was trying this on a small model (25x25x35mm). It started printing fine but half way though the base cleanly detached from the build plate.

I think what happened is while the area of the base covered the entire print ok, the auto-generated notches (there were 2 on this tiny base) took too much contact area away. To get around this I’ve had to add additional supports to the print even though the existing supports held ok.

I think it would nice to be able to add extra area to the base manually, without having to place a support on the model, to help small parts stay adhered.

Ok, so after another print failure (same reason, base came away from the platform) I tried importing several 2mm heigh cylinders and overlapping them with the existing base, and it works! The cylinders were incorporated into the base and the print was completely successful.

Maybe it’s enough to just do this to customise the base area, but it would seem like a nice feature to have anyway. Here’s how the print was set up:

Perhaps just lowering the built platform a tick will give you the adhesion you need? Marvin should not be a problem. It’s likely too that some areas of the platform are closer to the tank than others. I would point out some mis-alignment would be normal for any printer with micron accuracy.

Already have the build platform on -0.2mm after my first prints didn’t adhere at all. Without the extra base it would get halfway though the print ok, then detach once it reached the thickest part of him.

Looking at the base layer Preform generates I guess it’s just not got enough area to keep it attached with those notches taken out of it.

(layer 1)

Your right, that looks like the problem. I wonder why it would put two notches in something so tiny? Kinda dumb.