Custom support structure and also touching build platform

Hi Community, my problem is with the program PreForm.

I would like to print a component with its flat surface directly to the build platform without a support structure in between. But this is not the problem. The point is that I also need additional support structure for overhanging parts of the component, and when I create it, it automatically raises the component away from the build platform. How can I prevent this when adding support structure?

Thank you four your help :slight_smile:

AFAIK this is not supported by Preform, although that would definitely be a good feature to request in the appropriate category.

What I have done in the past to solve this kind of issues is modeling some sort of support structure in my CAD software, and only then exporting to preform.

Hi! I don’t think it’s possible to do this in Preform so I would assume you would have to use another CAD program to add supports manually. In my experience whether I use Preform or another CAD program it automatically makes a base for the supports so the object would be above the built plate but my experience in CAD programs are very limited. Good luck!

EDIT: I’m going to echo what @JohnHue said! :smile:

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Internal supports can be printed without a base but supports that contact the platform require a full base currently. We’ll look into to make miniature bases that accommodate a few supports from the build platform instead of the entire raft. Custom supports are probably the way to go until then :slight_smile: