Is there anyway to disable support structures that start/end on the part in Preform (i.e. support from build plate only)?

In Simplify3D, I can specify that supports can only be built if they start on the build plate. Is there a way to do something similar in PreForm, so that no support structures start on the print itself? This print has a lot of small fins and details, and I always have a really difficult time cleanly removing any support structures that originate on the part, not from the build plate. Wherever these support structures touch the print, they don’t cleanly come off.

When you have the interior supports option enabled it may connect a support to the object itself, there’s no way to control that other than try to reposition the support and hope it gets close enough to where it will connect to the base. I think the support generation won’t extend the supports inward if it can’t reach easily enough. If it’s a serious issue then it might be better to model your supports and base in another program rather than using Preform for that.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. I’ll just add them to the model in the CAD program, but thank you!

If you’re trying to emulate the behavior in Simplify3D, unchecking internal supports should do this. This will only generate support structures from your build platform but could result in some sections being unsupported.

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