Misplaced Internal Supports

PreForm placed an “Internal” support at the outside wall of the model.

There is no reason to set an “internal” support at this place and to damage the smooth surface. Please, FormLabs, check your program code!

Automatic support generation is not perfect. That’s why you have the ability to edit them after they’re generated. I use automatic placement to generate the initial support structure, but almost always edit to move contact points to areas that will result in fewer blemishes on the print and to remove supports in areas where they do not appear to be necessary.

ALL support points are manually set. But I can’t edit the base points - and that seems the problem.

You can’t edit where the supports start. You can only edit where they terminate on the print. PreForm has to choose where to put the support base based on where you want the support to contact your model. That’s the only way it can guarantee that the supports will actually hold up.

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is there any other software that we can make supports?

Yes. But unless you’re an expert in 3D SLA Printing, why would you want to use some 3rd party software that’s not optimized for the printer, that wasn’t implemented by the people who developed the printer? Unless you’ve got a really specific need, PreForm is your best bet for successful prints. If you don’t like where a few supports are being placed, move them. Or, change the orientation of the part and let PreForm try again and lather, rinse, repeat until you get something you’re satisfied with…

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