Face one build platform + supports?

Hi folks, I might be missing something, but I don’t appear to be able to put an object on the build platform and create supports.

Imagine a wheel and tyre lying on its side, outside edge to the ground, an exaggerated H if you like.

I’d like the feet of the H to be flat on the build platform, then place supports on mini rafts inside the two legs. But as soon as you place any supports the object lifts and you can’t set a zero offset. Also after trying this Preform broke and all supports became unsupported with a gap between the mini rafts and the support trees.

It would be great if this could be added as an option, I can think of many things I’ve printed where this would have been very useful.

Has anyone else tried/done this?

This should be possible on Preform 3, which version are you using? Can you attach a screenshot?

If you’re wanting the rims to be flat on the base with supports supporting the rest of it you’ll need to create custom supports as a part of your model.

But I think I’d recommend against doing that kind of arrangement, the rims are likely to end up with problems, main issue there is that at about 5mm the printer changes exposure settings which leaves a noticeable line on the print, due to that it’s often best to avoid printing to the platform directly.