"On build platform" problem Sept 18 firmware update

I have started using the latest firmware update and have checked the option “on build platform”. I find it really good as it saves time and uses much less resin. The problem is the part of the model that is closest to the build platform basically gets fused to the build platform so your model ends up with this chunk of fused resin on it. Is there an option to get the new design supports under all parts of the model so it cant fuse to the build platform and is easier to remove. Thanks in advance

The intent of that check box is to avoid having supports under the entire model. It’s used for parts with flat bases. This is an option that can save quite a bit of resin for some people.

If you want to print with supports under the entire print un-check the box and print normally.

I think that watermark is asking whether it’s possible to have the model completely up on supports, but still use the “mini-rafts” that you get with “on build platform”. If that is the question, then I’m afraid the answer is no. The mini-rafts really are designed to add auxiliary support to models which are can almost stand on their own. They’re really not designed to be doing all of the support on their own.

The results would be pretty similar as having a base generated by preform, only the generated base will be much more stable than just rafts.

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The on build platform supports are much better and for light weight prints like what i am doing they could go right undernear the whole model. I am learning how to deal with it the way it is but it could be better. The answer to my original question is no, there are no options to do what im looking for but thats ok, on build platform is still better than the resin useage with the other option.

You could get around this by adding a single pillar to the bottom of your model. Set the end of the pillar as the base (put it on the build plate). Then generate supports with the on build plate option turned on.

This will do what you want. The pillar would need to be big enough to print but you could taper it down at the interface with the part.

Hi FredB I’m not familiar with manually adding supports, could you expand with more detail please. Thanks in advance

Open the file in a CAD or other 3D modeling/sculpting software and model the support by hand.

I’m working on a project with a couple of small parts that I can show how this would work. After the real job I’ll pop up a few screen shots and maybe the print result.

Just a heads up for anyone building on the platform. If you want parts that are accurate they’ll need to be small. There is a bit of bed tilt that causes taper on big parts. Also, you might need to monkey with the z offset on the printer to get the thickness at the platform correct. You’ll need to adjust for each tank you use individually.

If I where you I would insert the object I want to print in Preform, select an angle that I want to print in (I usually use one of the suggested angles by Preform, or I might tweak the suggested angle a bit), then go back into my 3D program, angle the object similar to how Preform suggested it, CAD one support manually in the lowest part of the object before taking the whole thing back into Preform. That should give you the result you are looking for and should be quite easy as long as you know some kind of 3D program, which I’m guessing most 3D print users know.

You shouldn’t have to do that as of PreForm 3.0.0. If you prefer the mini-rafts, you can just choose them with the “Raft Type” option on the supports flyout.

As you probably know, you will probably want to continue to use the traditional rafts for beefier parts.

I was answering the original question written by “watermark”