"On Build Platform" supports without part on build platform

I have some relatively complex small parts (c. 7 x 7 x 5 mm) I’m building large numbers of which I’ve found work reasonably well when built with the “On Build Platform” setting using custom supports. I can fit a lot more parts onto a single build and also use a lot less resin than with the standard rafts - using rafts means I use more resin on the rafts than the parts!

(The parts are commercially sensitive so I can’t upload them here, sorry!).

What I was wondering was if there was a way of using the support types used with the “On Build Platform” mode, but with the part raised from the platform?

The main issue is that you lose a certain amount of the component (I’ve found around 0.5-0.7 mm) on the surface in contact with the build platform using this mode. I can change the part design to take this into account, but the edge in contact with the platform is always a little rough.

I’m assuming not, but is there a way around this? A way of building very small parts without the rafts?

Right now, I think the workaround would be to add your own tiny support cone or whisker in the stl/obj/CAD itself at the lowest point on your part in your preferred print orientation, so that it keeps your important edge off the build platform/bottom plane in Preform. If it’s a 5-7mm straight edge parallel to the build platform, you may need to add more than one of your own supports to keep the edge straight and smooth, depending on which resin you use and how much of a horizontal bridge it can print.