X axis doesn't go back home position Form3B

My X axis is stock to the left…when it gets to the middle it stops and makes a funny noise.
It’s not going back to home position anymore.
What should I do ?
I was thinking greasing but would it make it move?

Thank you

Hi Claude,

I’m sorry to hear that! Can you please submit this as a support ticket here and we’ll look into it for you? A video of the issue will also help us diagnose the problem.

I asked support they said to grease it.
Don’t think a bit of grease is going to unblock it but we’ll wait and see.
I don’t know how to send a video here

I’ve dealt with this a few times, do try the grease before anything else.

Also suggest looking at the rollers (on the removable cover from the LPU). I have seen them bind/stick bc of resin contamination, and when they don’t roll it could contribute to this problem.

I greased it, it seems to be working, I’ll test and see but at least the LPU is going back to ‘‘home’’ mode now.

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