Z - axis doesn’t work, and X-axis is moving really fast and making strange noise

This company gave me a form 2 printer and when I got it after I turned it on the first time it all seemed fine but the z-axis wouldn’t move. So I took a look down the motors shaft and there was resin that was spilt in it so I disassembled the printer carefully and cleaned it out the motor had resin in it and there was resin over a lot of components. I used denatured alcohol to clean up the resin but I use very little on paper towels or qtips. Once I got everything back together the x-axis motor for the resin holder is moving very slow when moved manually. However It moves fast when it starts up and makes a loud grinding noise.

Hello @MGShelton,

Thank you for reaching out about your Form2 printer. The difficulty here is that the x-stage and z-stage motors aren’t replaceable. The best you can do is thoroughly clean them out and see if the printer will run a print successfully.

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What would be causing the x-axis to be doing what it’s doing. It wasn’t like that before it was taken apart to clean it so there’s something else going on.

Hi @MGShelton,

The grinding noise may be caused by a damaged or contaminated limit switch leading to unintended motor movement. I would encourage you to share a video demonstrating the noise with our Support Team for them to narrow this down further.

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