Z axis Platform doesn't move

My platform doesn’t move, it stopped midway through a print. There’s no noise or any attempt to move so suspect its the z axis stepper motor.

I have already spoken with support and replaced the ABL nut.

Does any one know the specs or link on digikey to the correct replacement please.


Hi @fossman83,

I would advise reaching out to our Support Team so that they can see what repair options are possible for your machine.

Hi Corey,

There aren’t any apparently and need to buy a whole new machine just because one small £20 stepper motor needs replacing.

I was really happy with support at the start but to receive and email saying there’s nothing they can do and recommend buying new From 3 at £2500.

I’ve seen the teardown videos and see people have easily replaced these stepper motors, I just need the specs on the motor so I can buy another.