WiFi connection issue

Yesterday, shortly after a normal upload and print cycle (test print after interrupted print), when attempting to upload the next print, PreForm could not find my Form2 on the local home WiFi network. This is preventing me from uploading new prints.

The website dashboard reports the Form2 is disconnected. But the Form2 itself shows that it is connected to the local network and states the IP address.

I made several attempts to correct the problem, all of which failed, including, in order:

  • unplugging several times and restarting the printer
  • rebooting several times through the touchscreen
  • disconnecting and reconnecting the Form2 from the WiFi network through the touchscreen, leaving the printer disconnected for more than a minute before reconnecting. Each time I did so, the printer says that it reconnected successfully and states the same IP address each time (, Still, PreForm could not find the printer.
  • attempted to upload diagnostic data from an earlier interrupted print (printer locked up mid-print, no touchscreen response, no laser activity, unplugged printer and discarded the failed print) but received an error code on the touchscreen during the upload stating the upload failed. Attempted to re-upload the diagnostic data twice more (3 attempts total) but received the same error message each time
  • manually setting an IP address
  • factory reset
  • uninstalled and reinstalled PreForm (using 2.19 for a few days now)
  • uninstalled PreFrom 2.19 and reinstalled the earlier 2.18 (no previous connection issues with 2.18)
  • updated PreForm 2.18 to 2.19

Despite all these efforts, PreForm was not able to find the printer and still can’t.

I’m using PreForm 2.19 and the firmware is Sep 2018.

The Form2 printer is 3 months old, has other serious issues FL is addressing (thanks customer support!), but this is the first time PreFrom could not find the printer at all.

I’ll be buying the proper USB cable to try connecting to the printer directly from a laptop in order to upload jobs. This is not a good solution because the printer is in a different location than where we work with our computers.


Hi there,

I am having the same issue here.

Any possible solution to make my printer be visible by my computer?

My printer is still invisible. No solution yet.

I am having to upload prints via USB.

my technician turn my firewall from public to private or work, reinstall software and put the ip manually.

the 4 boxes that we fill initially when we are installing a new printer put he ip you can see on your printer details

Thanks, but I tried that and it did not work.

Strange that PreForm could find the printer for months with no problem and now can’t.

sorry to hear this.

mine is working.

I have it for maybe one year. The problem started after having my net changed to NBN connection

Thanks for trying to help!

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