Why Doesn't Formlabs Have One Standard Test Print File?

It seems that out of the 1000+ form1’s released into the wild many differ in performance. Why have formlabs not released a standard test print .form file that we can all print to compare or send results back to formlabs?

Well I recently contacted formlabs support because of an issue with my printer and they sent me a form file to print and send back results. It’s very similar to the minibutterflies form file that comes with the printer. I am guessing this file is sent to anyone with a failed print issue so they can diagnose what’s going on with your printer.

If you try and load the minibutterflies form file that did come with the printer and you have updated the software and firmware you will notice it will give a message telling you the form file is outdated and the supports will be removed but the actual objects will still load.

Are you having an issue with your printer that you need it diagnosed with a formlabs test print form file?

I just ordered new tanks and have disasters after disasters… even going back to older preform and clear resin… getting no supports at all to form… just a thin base and nothing but clumps in the tank… I use to make some nice things

Did you peel the protective layer off the bottom of the tank?

Yes, even though it doesn’t warn you about that, I handled these like newborns.  I am going back to the older firmware and software now and hopefully I havent destroyed all my new tanks with this mess

I’ve found Preform 1.0 with firmware 1.2c to be a safe baseline to downgrade to.  Find it here: http://form1printer.pbworks.com/w/page/73473032/PreForm%20Tips%2C%20Tricks%2C%20and%20Version%20History  Also, if you use Windows, go find the other files installed on the computer and delete the registry entries.  Settings will carry over from one installation of Preform to another.

How thick are your bases and are they uniformly thick? If you take out your resin vat and place a sheet of paper on the peel tray, is the laser spot circular or not?

Bill, your problems sound a lot like the ones I was having.  I finally opened a support ticket and the sent me the test print of 5 butterflies.  I printed it.  It was a failure, sent them the pictures and they said I had a mechanical problem.  They sent me a return label, I packed it up and sent it back and Formlabs sent me a brand new printer!  So my advice, open a ticket, if you haven’t already!

Yes I will have to make a support ticket and hope for the best