Inconsistent Prints

Hi everybody. I’m a new user here and new to the form 1 printer! So far I love it.

I have a question about a test print I did today though. I updated my software today to the most recent build (1.8.1) and went ahead and did a test print on the included formlabs clip. I kept all settings as default and printed it at .1mm at half scale. It came out great except it was a little too small so my lower right wing broke. I had to super glue it back in place. The reason I did a smaller print first was because our printer had been sitting for about a month so I didnt want to waste resin if something wasnt right.

Before I printed the file I did all of the necessary checks before hand by checking the PDMS base for clarity, and combing any debris out of the tank so I topped off the resin and all systems were a go.

Since the first print looked great I printed it again at full scale and it completely failed about 2/3 of the way through. You can look at the attached pic and see the results. I’m just wondering why it would work fine the first time and then fail an hour or so later when I tried to print again. Oh and in case you are wondering I did the same cleaning steps in between the first and second build. Just a little frustrated that it would work once yet fail on the second print :confused:

Any help would be appreciated and I look forward to talking to you all more!