Why do I keep getting dead flies in my prints?!

For about the fifth or sixth time now I’ve found a fly in my 3D prints and I have no idea what’s going on! I haven’t even seen flies about in my office, and the hood on the printers are only ever open briefly for removing prints or removing the resin tank (which goes into the box when not in use) to perform maintenance. I know the hood doesn’t exactly close flush, but flies would still have to really want to climb under and into a tank!
Are flies hidden in my office attracted to resin, or is there a chance they were in the resin cartridges all along? This has also been a problem going back a few months, so it’s not the same cartridge or resin tank.

Hi @TTCombat,

That is definitely strange and I can’t say that I have heard accounts of flies being attracted to resin before. We have seen issues periodically where black flecks of plastic have gotten into the resin (either from the threaded caps or from flaking paint on older build platforms) if this could possibly be what you’re seeing? Otherwise, I would advise to please create a Support Ticket so that we can take a closer look and try to figure out why this might be happening. I hope this helps!

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