Clumps in the resin cartridge

Hi, my last several prints have failed using the grey standard resin. I thought it might be an issue with the tank being too old, so I just purchased a replacement. I filtered the resin using a paint filter and replaced the tank. I was watching the resin tank refill when a clump came out of the cartridge, it came out during the filling process and was not left over from my filtering. I fished it out (it was way too big to make it through the paint filter), but there may have been more. Has anyone had this issue with resin cartridges? What is the expected shelf life? I purchased this cartridge about 10 months ago, do I need to use them faster than that?


We’ve had some similar experiences - but instead of big clumps, there are serveral black flakes in some of our cartridges.
We talked to formlabs and got the answer, that there is no way for those flakes to be in the cartidge while shipping. So it should be our fool and that’s all.
-> I recently mixed some Resin (Rigid&Durable are awesome together!) and found those black flakes again, this time in completely new & sealed cartridges.

So I think that they have some quality issues in their factory…

The “black flakes” are probably plastic chips from the cartridge material. I’ve seen those, but I never had clumps of resin…

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